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Columbus Ohio Engagement Session | Creekside in Gahanna

Check out a video of myself talking about this engagement session.

Arielle and Nick’s engagement session was pretty unique. When I first talked to Arielle on the phone she mentioned that she is getting married in Hocking Hills at a new venue. I love Hocking Hills and knew that we had to get a few nature like photos to match the ones that fit their personality and their wedding. We started at Creekside to get some hiking like shots.

Arielle also mentioned that they like to go to festivals and use a LED hoop. It displays patterns, shapes, and hearts. Lighting them and having the hoop being bright enough was a little difficult but I was up for the challenge!

We started using the led hoop in the garage of Creekside. with some testing we got some great shots right off the bat. After Creekside we headed downtown. We also talked about their taste in electronic dance music and what concerts they have been to.

When we arrived downtown we found a dark enough spot for the LED hoop with the Columbus skyline in the background. Luckily we had a few helpers to walk around with the hoop. The resulting shots turned out great! Congratulations on your engagement Arielle and Nick!

Hire a professional or friend to photograph your wedding

Hi, I'm Brian Kellogg of Kellogg Photography. I am a Columbus, Ohio wedding photographer and I want to talk to you about hiring a professional or your friend to photograph your wedding.

So, there's pros and cons to both. So, you will definitely save money by hiring a friend, but then again they might not know how to light up a dark reception. They might be, like take great photos, their Instagram looks wonderful, but the thing is that they've never been put in a place where the lights are dimmed down really low and they have to take a photo of the first dance. And you just don't want be in that situation, and you can probably just comment below if you've ever had or heard of a situation of someone having bad wedding photos because they hired a friend.

So, just ask around, ask people, and see what their opinions are. You don't have to go off of my opinion because I'm a professional photographer. But, you will save money, but the reception photos, you can just kind of, think of them just shooting in the dark or maybe with an iPhone photo of how bad they can be.

So, hiring a professional, what they're going to do and bring to the table is they're going to suggest maybe a timeline, keeping you on time throughout the entire day. Because when you have a professional photographer, they're gonna start from like when you're getting ready, cover everything, not miss a moment, not miss a beat whatsoever, and if you, they're gonna have their batteries charged, they will have everything put together, a list of actual photos that they're going to take for the wedding itself, family members and such.

Pretty much everything will go a lot more smoothly if you have a professional rather than your friend as a wedding photographer. And then, also yeah, lighting for the reception. I take a lot of pride in my lighting, so I actually do a backlit situation for the first dance, and I light them from the front as well so they look great on both sides. And then I turn off the backlight remotely so I'll get just photos that have just nice light unto them as well. So, I'll get a little mixture of both. But, you'll see the difference for, oh, even doing post kind of wedding processing. If you have your friend do it, then you can probably expect them to actually have a day job. So it might take 6 months to a year or even more, and I've heard of people not even getting their photos back when they've had their friend take the photos, too. So, with a professional photographer you have a contract in place. It'll say either 2 weeks or a few months for getting your wedding photos back, and you'll have them by the holidays, for sure.

So, that would be the main differences between a friend photographer and a professional photographer. Getting the photos back in a timely manner, having the reception photos lit very well with a professional, timeline, everything's going to go a lot more smoothly, it will just seem like everything's a lot more put together, basically.

So, hopefully that kind of helps you out if you're thinking about either hiring a friend or a professional. Comment below if you have any questions. Thanks again.

Wedding receiving lines. Are they a waste of time or very important?

I'm Brian Kellogg of Kellogg Photography. I am a Columbus, Ohio wedding photographer, and I want to talk to you about if you should have a receiving line or not for your wedding. So why you should have a receiving line is it, actually I don't know if I can think of good things about it.

So, the thing why I kind of have an opposition to it, is because it takes up so much time of the wedding day itself. So, right after the ceremony, you're going to hug and handshake every single person that attended the wedding. So that takes around 20 seconds of time. So if it's 100 wedding guests, that could be up to 35 minutes that you could've been, either taking photos and then getting to the cocktail hour early to hang out with them.

Because usually during a receiving line, you're hugging people that you probably don't even know, or it's an uncle of a friend of a friend. So, but of course, you know the main people that came there, of course you want to hug them.

So what you want to do, instead of doing a receiving line, the other thing you can do is greet every table right after you eat during the reception. So, of course you get fed first during the wedding, so what you want to do is eat your food, and then visit the tables of the people that you don't see too often. Leave your friends' tables that you see all the time around your neighborhood, or around your city, leave them last because you might not be able to get to every table.

But definitely visit the tables that you haven't seen the people in a long time, or that they traveled a great distance to be there. You want to thank them and just greet every table, if they feel like giving you a hug or shaking your hand, they will do that at that time. If not, they'll just continue eating their dinner, and go on their way.

So you, that's the kind of alternative to doing a receiving line, is just greeting each table at the reception itself. But if you still want to do a receiving line, just bake into the timeline itself, that it might take up to 35 minutes, or even up to an hour, depending on how many wedding guests you have.

I don't know if you can imagine hugging and hand shaking 200 or 300 people at your wedding, and it could be like an hour and you're just drained. So, if you don't want to do that, then I highly recommend just greeting the tables at the reception itself. So, hopefully that tip helps. I hope you have a good day! Thanks!

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Top places to go in Columbus Ohio if it rains on your wedding day

I'm Brian Kellogg of Kellogg Photography. I'm in Columbus, Ohio, and it's 27 degrees out so it's a little bit cold for having a wedding, but I want to talk to you about what you should do or where you should go if it's rainy out, if it's cold, it's just miserable out.

So here's some inside places to go on your wedding day just in case it rains. So, one of the first places I would go to if you're Downtown is the Statehouse. So the Statehouse is great for their marble floors, their rotunda, there's so much to use. Just tell your photographer about it. It's just amazing to use. You do have a reservation fee, but it's only $50. It's perfect just in case it rains on your wedding day and you need to go somewhere dry. It has some good backdrops for portraits. So that's the first place you can go.

If you're on the west side of Columbus and you're in Hilliard area and it's just raining on your wedding day there is an outside park but it's, there's a covered bridge there and it's Homestead Park. So, wanna look for that and look for the covered bridge and it's a pretty easy walk.

You can also give everyone clear umbrellas. That's always great to have for portraits during the wedding day. Just in case it's like a little bit of rain but you wanna get outside for some nice portraits.

So another place you can go to is the Hilton Sky Bridge. So, it's a great place. At night it actually glows in different colors. It's just a beautiful place to use. You can also use the Hilton as well if you stay the night there. So I highly recommend doing that if you're gonna be Downtown Columbus anyway. That's a great place to use. Just their lobby, it's just gorgeous.

So the Hilton Downtown is the other place. The next place that you can go to is the, if you're at the OSU area there's the rotunda for the north part of the football stadium. So if you're a Buckeye fan you should definitely go there just because it's shelter enough as long as the rain isn't kind of blowing around. It's just like a little drizzle or something you should definitely go there if you're in the OSU campus area of Columbus.

Another place you can go to that's open to the public that you should use is the OSU library. So another place that's on campus that's great for you to use. You can just have all sorts of backdrops. The elevators there are really nice to use. Pretty much everything in there is just a really nice backdrop as well. You can also use the fireplace of your reception venue. So, that's a great backdrop for any time of year and as long as you have a photographer that can kind of light the inside definitely use that. So, don't always think of that.

If you have a venue that has a carport that you get to drop people off. Most venues do. So definitely use that and it shields you from the rain and it can still have outdoor backdrops. I usually do that at a different country clubs. Millennium Club is one of them and there's a few others that have a carport that's right outside that you can use.

The other place that I like to use if you're Downtown as well is the Ohio Theatre. So the Ohio Theatre is great for, they have their awning out front and they also have just a alley that's covered as well. Just for rain. So you can also use that for just being Downtown. And I've also used the puddles there as a reflection shot. Definitely works out well. So, that's another place you can use.

Another venue you can use, I think you'd have to pay a fee for this but it's 400 West Rich Street. Or West Rich Street So, definitely look for I think there's a little fee with that. And it's kind of industrial but it works extremely well for portraits of taking the entire wedding party or having a first look there. It's great. And then other places that I forgot to put on here. I think that's it. So yeah, thanks again for tuning in and I hope to give you more tips next time. Wedding Photographers Columbus Ohio

Columbus Ohio Engagement Session | Megan and Brad

Columbus Ohio Engagement Session

The Lakes Golf Club Wedding | Laura and Brian

Wedding vendors Laura and Brian worked with:

Reception hall: The Lakes

Catering: The Lakes

Cake designer: Piece of Cake

Videographer: Clear Vision Photography

The Virtues Golf Club Wedding | Haylee and Eric


Names of wedding vendors Haylee and Eric are working with at


Hair dresser: Annette Cox- Hair Factory

Make up: Kim Russo – Macy’s Easton

Florist: Village Flower Basket and Gardens- Devon

edding consultant: Pam – Virtues Golf Course

Tux rental: President Tuxedo

DJ / Band: John Moore

Reception hall: Virtues Golf Course

Catering: Virtues Golf Course

Cake designer: Sweet Persuasions- Pickerington

Columbus Ohio Engagement Session | Michaela and Skyler

Columbus Ohio Engagement Session | Nicole and Jason

I loved this engagement session on how well everything turned out. The extra edit on the Nationwide Archway turned out better than I could imagine. We started the day off at the Scioto Mile fountain. We then walked around to Cosi to get a few architecture photos. We also had their dogs in a few photos and with a treat in my hand they looked right at the camera. We met back up at sunset for a few additional photos around Nationwide Arena and the archway. Everything turned out great! Congratulations Nicole and Jason!

Creekside Engagement Photography | Anna and Andrew

I like shooting engagement photos at Creekside for all their features. Creekside has bridges, concrete paths, waterfalls, woods, and red brick architecture. Anna and Andrew are a sweet couple and fun to work with. We had a post engagement meeting and they loved the photos.  Below are just a few of my favorite images.