Top places to go in Columbus Ohio if it rains on your wedding day

I'm Brian Kellogg of Kellogg Photography. I'm in Columbus, Ohio, and it's 27 degrees out so it's a little bit cold for having a wedding, but I want to talk to you about what you should do or where you should go if it's rainy out, if it's cold, it's just miserable out.

So here's some inside places to go on your wedding day just in case it rains. So, one of the first places I would go to if you're Downtown is the Statehouse. So the Statehouse is great for their marble floors, their rotunda, there's so much to use. Just tell your photographer about it. It's just amazing to use. You do have a reservation fee, but it's only $50. It's perfect just in case it rains on your wedding day and you need to go somewhere dry. It has some good backdrops for portraits. So that's the first place you can go.

If you're on the west side of Columbus and you're in Hilliard area and it's just raining on your wedding day there is an outside park but it's, there's a covered bridge there and it's Homestead Park. So, wanna look for that and look for the covered bridge and it's a pretty easy walk.

You can also give everyone clear umbrellas. That's always great to have for portraits during the wedding day. Just in case it's like a little bit of rain but you wanna get outside for some nice portraits.

So another place you can go to is the Hilton Sky Bridge. So, it's a great place. At night it actually glows in different colors. It's just a beautiful place to use. You can also use the Hilton as well if you stay the night there. So I highly recommend doing that if you're gonna be Downtown Columbus anyway. That's a great place to use. Just their lobby, it's just gorgeous.

So the Hilton Downtown is the other place. The next place that you can go to is the, if you're at the OSU area there's the rotunda for the north part of the football stadium. So if you're a Buckeye fan you should definitely go there just because it's shelter enough as long as the rain isn't kind of blowing around. It's just like a little drizzle or something you should definitely go there if you're in the OSU campus area of Columbus.

Another place you can go to that's open to the public that you should use is the OSU library. So another place that's on campus that's great for you to use. You can just have all sorts of backdrops. The elevators there are really nice to use. Pretty much everything in there is just a really nice backdrop as well. You can also use the fireplace of your reception venue. So, that's a great backdrop for any time of year and as long as you have a photographer that can kind of light the inside definitely use that. So, don't always think of that.

If you have a venue that has a carport that you get to drop people off. Most venues do. So definitely use that and it shields you from the rain and it can still have outdoor backdrops. I usually do that at a different country clubs. Millennium Club is one of them and there's a few others that have a carport that's right outside that you can use.

The other place that I like to use if you're Downtown as well is the Ohio Theatre. So the Ohio Theatre is great for, they have their awning out front and they also have just a alley that's covered as well. Just for rain. So you can also use that for just being Downtown. And I've also used the puddles there as a reflection shot. Definitely works out well. So, that's another place you can use.

Another venue you can use, I think you'd have to pay a fee for this but it's 400 West Rich Street. Or West Rich Street So, definitely look for I think there's a little fee with that. And it's kind of industrial but it works extremely well for portraits of taking the entire wedding party or having a first look there. It's great. And then other places that I forgot to put on here. I think that's it. So yeah, thanks again for tuning in and I hope to give you more tips next time. Wedding Photographers Columbus Ohio