Columbus, Ohio wedding photographer Brian Kellogg is the owner of the award winning studio Kellogg Photography.


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Brian has been shooting weddings since 2004. Brian specializes in photojournalism wedding photography capturing all the details and the cherished moments of your wedding day. Brian Kellogg specializes in wedding photography in Columbus, Ohio.

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About Brian Kellogg

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When clients meet with me they always notice one thing.

They notice how passionate I am about wedding photography. That might be because I always like telling them the process and why I like it. The best moment in the wedding for me is when people get to see my vision and skill set with lighting. 

I do a same day slide show when I show all the photos on a projector at the reception. During that moment I am not watching the slideshow I seeing people react to the slideshow. That is the moment I live for and love about weddings. 

Free time:

I love doing fun and new things with my wife. We go kayaking in Westerville, watch Game of Thrones, travel to new cities just to put a new pin on our map we have hanging in our house.

We also love beaches, Hiking in the Pacific Northwest, Hawaii, Aruba, and Spain.   

We also like giving back to the community. Once a year we donate our time and take family portraits to people in need in December with the Help-Portrait organization . We also like donating to Doctors Without Borders to help children and adults in undeveloped countries. 


Bachelor's Degree from Ohio University in Commercial Photography.


Kellogg Photography is an award winning wedding photography studio based in Columbus, Ohio. We love photographing weddings with a creative photojournalism style. Most of the weddings we photograph are in Columbus, Ohio.


We have traveled to different locations around the United States for weddings in New York City, Sanibel island, Minneapolis, Detroit, Atlanta, and Baltimore. Travel is included in our top wedding package.  


Brian Kellogg has been published in Columbus Bride Magazine(614) Magazine, Shutter Magazine, front page of, Ohio TodayAmerican Motorcyclist Association Magazine, several OSU player's guides for this photo, and I have worked for several newspapers around Ohio. I was awarded Best Photo Illustration from the Associated Press Society of Ohio in 2007. I have developed a successful photography business in Columbus, Ohio. 

Favorite Destinations:

Maui Hawaii, San Francisco Bay area, Miami Florida, Barcelona Spain, and Mexico.


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