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Your wedding is about spending time with your family. We capture those moments that you will love forever.

When you become a client we will guide you through the entire process. You will receive an heirloom album, engagement session, high-resolution digital negatives, and plenty of time on your wedding day. 

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I want to help every bride that contacts me. Please put your email address in the form below if you would like helpful tips, tricks, and how to save money on your wedding day. I will not share your email address with anyone. I will not sell you anything in the emails as well. 

My best clients are people that like a candid look to their wedding photos. They want the best albums and hand down generations like a family heirloom. They want to protect their album with a engraved wood box. They also want to be guided on what photos to pick and what would look good on the wall. 

I always like to help out my clients any way I can. Here is a link to Wedding vendors that I recommend. I hope it will help you. Planning a wedding can be tough. Having a list of people you can trust is very nice to have. 

The timeline for any wedding is also somewhat difficult because you probably have never put together one before. You would be surprised how long a receiving line can take or family portraits. You need to make sure you have time for the creative portraits you paid your photographer to produce. This link should help you make a wedding timeline that is stress free

I always produce a some day edit and project the best 60 wedding photos I took that day after dinner on the wedding day. I love the look that are on people's faces when they watch the slideshow. It is one of my favorite moments when everyone gets to see the photos. Here is a link to view more about a same day edit

Some couples like to be traditional and see each other when they walk down the aisle. Some couples like to save time by getting all the photos done beforehand and be with guests more during the cocktail hour. Whatever you choose you can decide for yourself by clicking here for this article on why you should have a first look.  

I found this very helpful article on how to make a seating chart on Pinterest. I made a variation of it and wrote my own article. I wish I found it when I was planning my own wedding. I hope you find this helpful as well. Here is the link on how to make a seating chart for your wedding

Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographer


He travels around the world for weddings. He has been shooting weddings for eleven years. Brian specializes in photojournalism wedding photography capturing all the details and the cherished moments of your wedding day. Brian Kellogg specializes in wedding photography in Columbus, Ohio.

Brian Kellogg would love to be invited to photograph your wedding. View a few recent weddings and then contact him to see if he is available for your wedding date. 

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“Brian was outstanding to work with before, during, and after our wedding! He helped make our entire day run smoothly and the photos were amazing. Brian was able to capture the best moments from our wedding. Our photo album is truly how our memories will last forever. Brian was extremely professional and we would absolutely recommend him to our closest friends and family!” - Jessica and Alex

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About Brian Kellogg

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When clients meet with me they always notice one thing.

They notice how passionate I am about wedding photography. That might be because I always like telling them the process and why I like it. The best moment in the wedding for me is when people get to see my vision and skill set with lighting. 

I do a same day slide show when I show all the photos on a projector at the reception. During that moment I am not watching the slideshow I seeing people react to the slideshow. That is the moment I live for and love about weddings. 

Free time:

I love doing fun and new things with my wife. We go kayaking in Westerville, watch Game of Thrones, travel to new cities just to put a new pin on our map we have hanging in our house.

We also love beaches, Hiking in the Pacific Northwest, Hawaii, Aruba, and Spain.   

We also like giving back to the community. Once a year we donate our time and take family portraits to people in need in December with the Help-Portrait organization . We also like donating to Doctors Without Borders to help children and adults in undeveloped countries. 


Bachelor's Degree from Ohio University in Commercial Photography.


Kellogg Photography is an award winning wedding photography studio based in Columbus, Ohio. We love photographing weddings with a creative photojournalism style. Most of the weddings we photograph are in Columbus, Ohio.


We have traveled to different locations around the United States for weddings in New York City, Sanibel island, Minneapolis, Detroit, Atlanta, and Baltimore. Travel is included in our top wedding package.  

As Seen in


Brian Kellogg has been published in Columbus Bride Magazine(614) Magazine, Shutter Magazine, front page of, Ohio TodayAmerican Motorcyclist Association Magazine, several OSU player's guides for this photo, and I have worked for several newspapers around Ohio. I was awarded Best Photo Illustration from the Associated Press Society of Ohio in 2007. I have developed a successful photography business in Columbus, Ohio. 

Favorite Destinations:

Maui Hawaii, San Francisco Bay area, Miami Florida, Barcelona Spain, and Mexico.

“Brian is wonderful to work with. he is amazingly talented, and is able to really connect with clients to put everyone at ease. Because everyone is so comfortable, he is able to get in there and capture those moments that you’ll cherish forever.” - Tara and Doug



You can view all of my packages by filling in your name and email into my contact form. After you hit submit you will be able to view our entire brochure. You will have to fill in the contact form to view the full brochure.  Call me if you would like to hear what is in the packages 614-437-8404


We offer full service wedding photography. That means that after the engagement session and wedding you will view and choose the engagement photos you would like on a 100 inch projection screen. Most wedding photographers force you to view your wedding images on your own laptop. We will guide you through the entire process and make sure you receive the best experience possible.  

Every single wedding we photograph we back up your photographs at the reception and touch up 60 of the best photos from that day. We then put the 60 photos on an iPad for your wedding guests to enjoy. I also am very outgoing and love my job. When I am shooting a wedding I don't consider it work especially when I am having fun with the wedding party.

We photograph weddings with a little bit of candid photography and creative photography. The candid side we stay back and let everything unfold in front of us. With our creative side we will put you in the right light and create landscape portraits you will consider art and put on your wall. 


You will first see 60 of the best touched up photographs at your own reception on an iPad after the first dance. This is great to show friends and family right at your own reception. You will also see the photographs on Kellogg Photography’s Facebook page and blog. Two weeks after the wedding and engagement session you will view the images on a 100 inch projection screen and choose the photos you like. Some packages also include a web gallery so friends and family can view and purchase photos from home.  


Yes, we always have backup equipment in my car trunk and on myself. I also backup all your images on my laptop at the reception.  


I have been shooting weddings for eleven years and love it. I have such passion for shooting weddings and telling a story through candid photographs. I love it when I see my clients faces light up when they see their photographs for the first time. Photographing weddings is my dream job and I love every minute of it. 


I wear a suit jacket, dress shirt and slacks. I want to blend into the background with everyone else. I want you to enjoy your wedding. That is why during the ceremony I stay candid and in the back of the church and use my 200mm @ 2.8 zoom lens. I don’t want to distract anyone because the wedding is about you, your fiancé, friends and family. 


Airfare is $300 for the first 300 miles from Columbus Ohio, then it is 20 cents per mile after that. Here is a distance measurement tool if you need it. Lodging outside Columbus, Ohio is $150 per night with a two night minimum. This covers the night before and after the wedding. Hawaii weddings are 20% off because we love it so much!


Fill in my contact form so I can get a little information about yourself. We then can meet either in person or Skype so I can make sure that we are the right fit for each other. I will ask a few questions on things you like to do for fun so I can get a feel for your personality. I will have a contract to sign with a $900 retainer depending on the package. I prefer check but I can take a card. The other two payments are due one month before the wedding and the day of the wedding.


Simply fill in your name and e-mail into my contact form and you will see my package prices right away.

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I also can video chat if you are not in the Columbus area to meet. I travel all over the world for destination weddings.

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Simply fill in your name and e-mail into my contact form and Brian Kellogg will contact you shortly.

Call me directly 614.437.8404

I also can video chat if you are not in the Columbus area to meet. I travel all over the world for destination weddings.

Columbus ohio wedding photographer
“Brian is a professional, talented and conscientious photographer! Our pictures were absolutely beautiful despite the fact that it was THE hottest day of the year. He is also a wonderful , gracious guy and we’d recommend him to anyone!” - Caroline and Travis


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