Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographer

Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographers Columbus Ohio

Below are some of the best moments that Kellogg Photography has captured around Columbus, Ohio. Every wedding we will replace one of the images below with an image from your wedding. 

Telling a story is no easy task.

When I meet with my couples I always ask questions like what they do in their free time. I ask this because it will give me some insight on what is unique about them. I will travel anywhere for engagement sessions not just in Columbus, Ohio. This will guide me to view their engagement session and wedding a little differently. 

Weddings might look similar on the outside but I see it differently.

I see the emotion of two families coming together. People enjoying each others company. Parents that raised a child and letting them go live their own lives. 

There is a lot of coordination that goes into the wedding day as well such as making a seating chart. I help out every couple that meets with me by giving them a list of preferred vendors that I trust and worked with. The vendors that I recommend usually recommend myself so we see each other at weddings all the time. 

I also give the couples that meet with me a wedding timeline.

This timeline spaces out everything just enough traveling around Columbus, Ohio that the wedding is on time and stress free. When couples pay attention and follow my timeline they are so thankful for it. This also give me time for my same-day-edit

I also like to give my couples gifts as a thank you for trusting me as their wedding photographer. You will have to contact me to find out what these are. All I can tell you is that it can be past down for generations. 

I remember when I got married down in Athens, Ohio and looking out into the crowd of guests and into my wife’s eyes. It was the best day of my life and I could not stop smiling. 

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Wedding Moments

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Wedding portraits

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Engagement Sessions

The engagement session comes with all of the wedding packages. This is like a trial run with your photographer before the wedding

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