What is a good turn around time for wedding photos?

Clients always ask me "When can I see my photos?" 

I love how excited my clients get everyone whats to see the images right away. It takes me two weeks for myself to pick the best images, load it into a different program adjust the following: White balance, tint, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, white point, black point, clarity, vibrance, sharpening, lens correction, and vignetting. This goes into each image my client sees. 

If you are lucky enough to have me photograph your wedding you get to see 60 of the best images on your wedding day on a projection screen. I will talk about it more on my next blog post!

Here is the short answer:

  • Two weeks after engagement sessions and other portraits

  • Same day edit for 60 of the best photos on the wedding day

  • Two weeks after the wedding you will see all of your images on my projection screen and online