How to make a seating chart for your wedding?


There are several ways to make a seating chart. I found a few techniques that will save you time and stress of putting one together. Also remember it is okay to have an empty chair every once in a while. 

The one thing to remember is to not overthink it. Most tables seat eight to ten people. You probably want your parents and immediate family next to the dance floor so they can see people dance. This also helps the photographer capture some moments if the parents get a little teary-eyed. 

Other guests you should have close to the dance floor are grandparents so they can watch as well. Friends with kids you can put closer to the door just incase they have a screaming kid and make a quick escape during a speech. You can also put all your friends you see all the time and will be on the dance floor anyway toward the back. Comment below if you want to add to this article.

Here is a link for wedding table visual templates.

Here is a link to a helpful google spreadsheet

This might the most clever and easiest. Basically get post it notes in different colors, cut them into thirds starting on the sticky side, write the guest name on strip, draw circles on paper, stick and re-stick their names to the tables. You can also use paper plates to visualize the tables. Here is the link. 

  • Don't overthink it
  • Seat parents, grandparents, and immediate family close to dance floor
  • Put screaming kids close to an exit ;)
  • Buy post-it notes and use the technique above

If you are having a very casual wedding you can also make a quick sign saying, “Pick a seat not a side” ;) People like to make this sign for the ceremony if the couple knows that there is one family that is much larger than the other. 

P.S. Don't forget to check out Columbus, Ohio wedding photographer portfolio to get more ideas for your wedding day. Comment below or message me if you have any other ideas to make table arangements.