Wedding vendors that I recommend

There are a few venues and people I really like working with in and around Columbus, Ohio. 

There are quite a few vendors that I have worked with that don’t meet my standards. I will never talk about other vendors behind their back. I have seen the good bad and the ugly in weddings. 

I would recommend you stick to this list and you will have a great wedding. You should call all of your wedding vendors and go over the timeline with all of them and the date. 

I have been to a wedding where the makeup artist and hair stylist mixed up the day for the wedding! Luckily I belong to several emergency wedding groups and we got a makeup artist and stylist with in an hour. 


You might not think that paying for a good DJ is important. It is very important if you want to avoid awkward silences, people leaving early, music so loud your ears ring on your honeymoon.

When you hire a bad DJ they play what the DJ wants to hear, they care less about requests, they are on the dance floor busting a move. They also bring a gigantic sign of their business name on it to hang in front of their DJ to say I’m desperate for more jobs. They also say their company name every moment they get. 

The best DJs read their audience very well, know what to play, don’t talk to much on the mic, and let the music do the talking. They are also very organized. They will not advertise at your wedding. They will also get every song on your list correct and pronounce everyone’s name correctly. 

Here are a few DJs that exceed my expectations: 

Rod Randall

Steve with Night Music DJ:

Matt Ryan DJ


Great florists are the best when they drop off the flowers early. The flowers can either represent the season you get married, complement the colors for the wedding, or match the groom’s pocket square. The bright contrast from a white wedding dress looks gorgeous in a wedding album. Make sure you dab the flowers on a paper towel for water before you put them beside your wedding dress. 

Here are a few florists that exceed my expectations: 

Prema Designs: 614-747-6224

Petals and Leaves 614-785-9690

Here is a Columbus Ohio wedding photographer that I recommend. Brian Kellogg with Kellogg Photography. ;)