Make a wedding timeline that is stress free

There are a so many things that affect the wedding timeline. The less time you have the more stress you will have on the wedding day. 

I have personally photographed over 200 weddings. You can check out my portfolio here at Columbus Ohio Wedding Photography. There are patterns that emerge that I have seen that can impact your timeline and make you late for the ceremony or reception where guests are waiting. 

Here are the things that take more time than you think. 

  • Hair and makeup

There are several things going on here. Sometimes it is simple as girls talking and interrupting the hair or makeup specialist. Sometimes it is having hair and makeup back to back. Other times it is only one or two hair and makeup people stylizing 12 bridesmaids. 

Solution would be starting one hour earlier than you think it will take.

  • Transportation 

You never know what traffic would be like on the day of the wedding. Take in to consideration there might be a college game letting out of a stadium. There could be accidents along the route. There might be loading times for the dress, flowers, or personal belongings after ceremony. 

Solution would be to add 20 minutes more than you think it will take to get to the next location in your timeline. 

  • Florists 

I can’t count how many times the flowers have arrived late for me taking photos. I need the boutonnieres on the groomsmen before I take formal photos of them. I also need bouquets dropped off before I take formal photos of the bridesmaids. 

Solution would be to call the florist a week before the wedding and make sure the flowers are dropped off when you are arriving at the ceremony site. 

  • Receiving line

This takes way more time than you think. You are going to have a mini 15-30 second conversation with every guest that came to the wedding.

If you have 150 guests. This can take 37 minutes to over an hour to accomplish.   


Visit every table as a couple right after you are done eating your dinner. The people that really want to talk to you will come to you. You don’t have to say much other than thank them for coming. 

  • Photography

Yes, it is true the photographer does get blamed for arriving later than expected for the reception. This is because a lake of communication with the photographers timeline. If you try to crunch 90 minutes of portraits in to 30 minutes it will not work out well and the pictures will suffer. You might not get the best photographer work that you hired them for in the first place. 


Make sure you get the 6 main shots after the ceremony. Big brides family, immediate family, just parents. Do the same for the groom side. This takes 20 minutes. Every combination with another group takes around 2 minutes extra to set up. 

Make sure the family does not leave before the portraits. Grandparents love to leave and forget to stay for portraits. 

Make sure you have 2-3 hours in between the ceremony and reception starting time so you can travel to a gorgeous location to take beautiful portraits. 

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What is a same day wedding edit?

The same day edit is when you see your wedding photos or wedding video edited on the same day. When a photographer does this it can either be displayed on a laptop, TV, iPad, or my favorite a projection screen. 

I have personally done same day edits when I started photographing weddings in 2004. I love the fact that people are shocked that the photos are edited. They laugh, cry, ooh and aah when they see the photos. People are complimenting the bride and groom all night long on how great the photos where. 

I personally love watching people's faces light up when the wedding guests see it on the projector. It is one of the best times of the wedding for myself to sit back and see how people react to the photos I have been taking all day. You can view more images from the same day edit on the Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographers page. 

The entertainment value of a same day edit

The 80 inch projection screen gets everyone's attention. Everyone is clapping for the couple by the end. It is just another piece of entertainment for your wedding guests and you get to see the 60 best images we took that day. 

  • See your wedding photos after dinner on the wedding day
  • View the 60 of the best photos on a projection screen
  • Entertainment for your guests 
  • Everyone claps for the couple by the end

Photographers wondering my process on the same day edit

As soon as I get to the reception I take the detail photos of the room then put my card in my laptop. I have been shooting RAW with small Jpg at the same time. I download all the jpeg photos into a folder with PhotoMechanic. I go through the 3000 images as fast as I can and select 60-100 images. I then drop the images into Lightroom with a preset. I adjust exposure, white-balance, vignette, and a lot of other minor adjustments. I then put the couples name on the first slide and my logo at the end. I then take out the portable projection screen, projector, HDMI cable, and plug my laptop in after dinner. I tell the DJ to announce the slideshow and play soft music. I hit play and see everyone's reaction!

  • See your wedding photos after dinner on the wedding day
  • View the 60 of the best photos on a projection screen
  • Entertainment for your guests 
  • Everyone claps for the couple by the end

Here is a video that shows what is looks like.

Skip to 40 seconds to see it in action.

Why have an engagement session?

The engagement session is one of the best ways to connect with your photographer. This is taken months before the wedding. You get to know how your photographer poses you as a couple before the big day.

This will lead to less stress on the wedding day. Most of the interaction is with you and your significant other not the camera. Most of my direction is “Hold hands and walk this direction”.

I want to capture the moments where he or she makes you laugh, picks you up, putting your foreheads together, or a kiss that was not planned. This is a time for you to have fun and jump into the air, see a sunset together and dress up a little. It does not hurt to get your hair done, buy a new outfit, and look your best. He could even put on a nice suit and have a romantic dinner afterwards.

You are only engaged this short period of time and you are going to be married for 50+ years.

My goal is to make it a great experience and capture moments that you can remember for a lifetime. 

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