Boston Engagement

Boston Common Engagement Session | Laura and Brian

Boston Common Engagement Session

When I first talked to Laura and Brian it was online through Skype. I knew that they live in Boston and I told them I was flying to Boston For another couple’s engagement session. They were thrilled at the fact I could fit them in on Sunday morning when i was going to fly out. I met them at Boston commons and to my surprise from the day before there was no one in the park. It was refreshing to have the park to ourselves. We started at the State House with a cute dancing dip. I had an editor replace the clouds and add a little texture to the photo and it turned out great! We also had the carrousel in the background for a few photos. After Boston Commons we went to Acorn Street for a few photos. After that I wanted to do a few things with my off camera flash to add a little drama and add a little spot light to them. I think everything turned out great. Congratulations Laura and Brian! 

Boston Engagement Session | Maria and Justin

This was my first destination engagement session in Boston. I met with Maria and Justin when they were looking for a wedding photographer. I asked Maria and Justin what their favorite city was, they both said Boston. I told them that I can include travel to Boston for their engagement session. Their faces lit up and were very excited. When we got to Boston we met at Boston Commons park. The park was crowded with a few thousand people because it was a beautiful day. I had to improvise and found a few great places that worked perfectly. After walking through the park and taking photos we visited the famous Acorn Street. The street is narrow and covered with very smooth cobble stone or large bedrock stones. I photographed it from the bottom looking up the street. Everything turned out better than I could imagine. We then traveled to the North End and use a few harbor chains for the background. One image that I had to get was the Boston city skyline at sunset. The image that I got was breathtaking and I plan to print it for my next bridal show. Congratulations Maria and Justin on your engagement!