iLife and Airprt Express

I went to the Apple Store yesterday and picked up iLife '09 and Airport Express. One of the best purchases this year. I needed a new wireless system because my last wireless router died. I have gone through so many routers in my life that just stop working. I have tried D-Link, Linksys, Belkin, and Netgear. All of them have either quit working or have been unreliable. Many reviews of the wireless routers from Apple (the Airport Extreme or the Airport Express) say that they have had no problems after 5 years of use. I am so glad that this will be the last wireless router I need to buy.

I love the new iLife '09. I made a short movie with the new transitions and themes in iMovie. It was really cool to see a red line being drawn across the earth from start to destination, like in the Indiana Jones movies. Here is a link to see an example of the travel transition.
It will be nice to use this when I make a movie about my trip to California and Las Vegas this month.

The new iPhoto is pretty cool with the face detection and easy buttons for uploading to Facebook. When other people tag someone you don't know in your photo on Facebook it automatically syncs with your iPhoto to tag them. Also iPhoto came out with 'places' so if your photos were shot with a camera with GPS it is geo-taged to a place. It is so amazing to see all the photos with the iPhone. Here is a snap shot of the 'places' map showing the photos I have taken at different locations with the iPhone. All I had to do is import the photos on the computer with one click and it did all of this.

All I have to do is click on a pin and it shows me all of the photos I took in that location.


Apple is so ahead of the game with all of their technology it is absolutely amazing.



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