Skiing at Wisp

I went to Wisp Ski Resort last week in Maryland for two days. I think it is the closest decent skiing from Columbus. It only took four hours to get there and it has a 700 foot vertical drop. I can't ski in Ohio because the trails are so small. I think the highest ski resort is only 300 feet tall. West Virginia has a 1,000 foot drop and out west it goes up to 4,000 feet. The lodge was nice enough to upgrade Matt and I to the presidential suite for no extra cost. I learned that my skis are way out of date. All of the rental skis are better than mine now. I also found out that everyone wares helmets now. The popularity of helmets started out west and came to east coast more recently. Two years ago only 10% of people whore helmets now 90% of people are wearing helmets. The helmets are nice and insulated with vent sleeves that can be opened and closed. I think I am going to get a helmet at the end of the ski season in March at Aspen Ski and Board. I might also get a pair of skis also because everything is on sale then. Here are a few photos of Matt and I on the mountain.

This is me about to go down the run Squirrel Cage.

This is Matt on the edge of a cliff....not really.

Here we are after the first day of skiing at the lodge relaxing. Sorry for the blurry iPhone photos.

This is looking up the slope from the lodge with a snowmobile going past.

Looking up the slope from the lodge with a snowmobile going past.
Wisp is pretty nice place to ski for intermediate skiers. It might be more difficult for beginners to start here because of the incline at the base of the mountain. We were lucky enough to get four inches of snow overnight for our second day of skiing. Wisp gets about 100 inches annually according to their brochures. I highly recommend going there if you are in Columbus or eastern Ohio. I had a lot of fun and I hope to go out west skiing in a few months also. I'll keep everyone posted.