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I have learned quite a bit in the past year on how to free myself from the vicious cycle of advertising. I have also found that people that are contacting me from referrals now are so much more in to my work than people that have found me from advertising. For example, if I see a nice ad in a magazine about a product, I would look at it and just flip the page. If I heard my friend talk and rave about the product. I will be much more likely to buy it. Here is the list of resources that I have found how to get more real referrals from people not advertising. If you follow every video, book and podcast you should be in good shape.

The [B] School

This podcast has some of the best advice on how to be referred from wedding professionals. Listen to every video and take lots of notes. If you do everything Becker says. It will take your wedding photography to the next level.

Camera DoJo

This is a recent podcast I just found. The two guys talk about everything in wedding photography from a great interview with LA wedding photographer Candice Cunningham to new techniques. Podcast

This podcast is hosted by Sarah France and she interviews a lot of very successful wedding photographers. This is also geared to Pictage users but it has a lot of great content.

F-Stop Beyond

This podcast interviews the person beyond the lens I guess you could say. It has some good stories and some helpful information.

Dane Sanders Book - Fast Track Photographer
This book is a great resource on seeing if you are cut out to be a wedding photographer.
It shows you that it is YOU, not your photography that gets your clients.


All of these resources I have picked up in the past year from listening to these podcasts, videos and books are worth so much it is hard to believe almost all of it is free. If you find a helpful podcast that are similar to these please leave a comment. Thank you.
Remember your network is your net-worth.

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