Web hosting for photographers

This is why I love mediatemple.net for my hosting...

At first I had hosting with tripod and lycos. It was fine for learning how to write html and make my own site. I transferred my site to yahoo domain/hosting and it was a little better but I did not have full control over my site. Then I switched to godaddy for my domains and www.mediatemple.net for hosting. My webpage loads 3 times faster with mediatemple compared to yahoo. With yahoo I was one of 100 or more websites on a server box. Now with mediatemple I have a dedicated box for my website. The cost is not bad at all and it loads very fast on a good connection. When you visit www.briankellogg.com you will load quite a bit of content. The content includes the background music, the flash animation and other images. If I was still with yahoo I don't think it would keep up. Also yahoo hosting had some loading problems when you refreshed the browser.

I would like to show everyone my load times for my webpage.

This is why I must have the fastest server possible. 184 people requested my page in one day and only 83 people waited for the page to fully load. 101 people clicked on my site and hit the back button right away. The faster I make my content load the more people can see my work. If you can look at your stats, see if people are going past your splash page with "blog" "full screen" "same screen" "contact" etc. I believe you should almost always have your content on the front page right away so people can be intrigued to view more. I just think I works for me. Think to yourslef how many times you visit a site and hit the back button because it is loading too slow or not enough content?

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