Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographer | Kristin and Mark

This is one of the best weddings I have ever photographed this year. Viewing the images from this day makes me love my job so much more. I get to follow two people throughout the day that they will remember forever and I am the lucky guy that gets to capture it all. Making the album for their wedding was a lot of fun as well. All the little details and the weather made everything work.

I started the day at the Hilton at Polaris as the women were getting ready. I photographed the dress in the doorway to give it some depth and stand out. I then went on over to the guys at The Lakes Golf Club and got a few photos of the guys hanging out. After that we went to the ceremony at St. Peter's Catholic Church. Everything went really well. As we were going downtown it started to rain a little. I had an idea in my head to make the skyline go dark. So I put my flash on full power and had them kiss. I love how it torned out.

We then headed to COSI for a few more photos with the skyline. After that we went to the The Lake Golf Club for the reception. Everything looked great and loved all the details. Congratulations Kristin and Mark!