Memorial Day Weekend - Part 2

I posted photos from the begining of my Washington D.C. trip in my last blog post. I wanted to make another adding photos of the Air and Space Musuem with my nieces and nephews.

The Entrance of the Air and Space Museum

Above is the Breitling Orbiter 3 it was the first balloon to fly around the world non-stop. It was pretty cool to read about it. It flew around the world in 1999 and took a little over 19 days. Here is an artile about it.

The map above is the Orbiter 3's trip.

I could not believe this is the size of the Hubble Telescope. I thought it was a 1/5 this size looking at photos of it in space. I thought it was really cool.

The photo above is myself in deep space as you can see by my reflection (my poor attempt at a pun). This photo was taken over a 3.5 month period to gather enough light to make an exposure. It was pointed at what was thought as a black spot in the sky a 1/10 of the size of our moon. Nasa found in that small part of the sky contained about 10,000 galaxies. My mind was blown. Here is the original high resolution image.

First Spy SatellitesWhen digital photography was not invented yet the U.S., they still had spy satellites. They took images on huge negitives and sent a command to drop the negitage connected by a parachute in the ocean to later be picked up by a plane. I thought that was pretty cool also. Can you tell I liked the Air and Space Musuem? ;)

This is my nephew look at the space shuttle. They had some nice lighting in there.

We also went to the American Museum of Natural History and was nice to revisit.

Here is the cool entrance to the American Museum of Natural History. The sunlight coming on in was quite nice highlighting the elephant.

I think Mateo was imitating his shirt here. lol

Megan was pretty sad to see her grandparents and I go. I hope to visit them in California sometime soon.