OSU vs OU getting ready

I love shooting weddings but when I am not shooting a wedding I love to shoot sports.  This Saturday Ohio University and Ohio State University have a noon football game in Columbus.  I am lucky enough to obtain field access for the game from the Athens Messenger. Shooting sports will always come second to shooting weddings. Shooting sports is so much fun!  Not only the game is exciting but also taking photographs of action stopped at 1/8000th of a second, capturing that one moment in time is just awesome to me.  I hope it will be a good game. 

Here are some shots from the time I photographed the Ohio State - Michigan game on 11-18-2006. 

The  photo below was printed in two players guides including the cover of the Cincinnati Enquirer.


I will post the photos from the game on this blog Sunday afternoon.  Feel free to take the photos and post them anywhere.

Thanks for reading.

Brian Kellogg

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