Sarah and Adam wedding photos

One of the best weddings I have had this year.

The deatails of Sarah and Adam's wedding...

Sarah had her hair done at Salon Lofts, then we headed on over to St. John’s Lutheran Church for their ceremony. After that we traveled on over to the Grand Valley Dale Ballroom at 1590 Sunbury Rd, Columbus OH 43219. Sarah and Adam had 5 Bridesmaids, 5 Groomsmen, 1 Jr. Bridesmaid and 1 Ring Bearer.

Sarah was such a wonderful bride.
She had such a great time and it showed.



I loved shooting this angle.
I am always looking for something different.


Happy as can be on her big day.



I loved this veil, it was thin enough for me to see her expression, which was great.



Wonderful couple.

Rocking the party bus!!!!



Schiller Park, one amazing park for portraits.

Again I LOVED this veil!



The funny photos begin...

Adam's expression was great.

Perfect shot.
I have been wanting to do this.

I could not believe they made a pyramid and no one got hurt or ripped clothing.



This photo is just awesome with their expressions.


They had their reception at the wonderful Valley Dale Ballroom.

One of the most touching father daughter speeches I have heard.




The Valley Dale Ballrom was a great location for their reception. I love this photo of their first dance.


I just thought this was fun.
A crowd of 10 people or so doing the 'Soldier boy' dance.