Medallion Club Wedding Photographer - Samantha and Daniel

Samantha Stump and Daniel Hange were married on November 8, 2008 at the Medallion Club in Westerville, Ohio. Hanging out with Samantha and Daniel for their engagement shoot and their wedding was a lot of fun! Samantha started out at the Charles Penzone at Polaris for her hair. At the same time, Daniel bowled with the groomsmen at Capri Lanes. Photographing the guys bowling with a few lighting tricks was a lot of fun! Also, it was neat to hear that the veil Samantha wore had a nice history to it. The veil was worn by her great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, aunt, and now passed on to Samantha!



Pro bowler... Daniel Hange

Beautiful dress from front to back.

Elegance comes natural even when talking on the phone. ;)

The veil worn by her grandmother, mother, and sister.

Very nice touch.

The cufflinks, also a very nice touch.

Best music ever..."Keep you hat on" by Tom Jones.

I like this shot with the air bubbles forming on the leaves of the orchids.

One great wedding with one great couple.

Have fun in Orlando!