Raelene and Tom's wedding

I had so much fun photographing Raelene and Tom's wedding.  It was nice to shoot an outside wedding.  I have been shooting inside weddings most of this year I am very glad the weather cooperated.  They had their wedding at the Taylor Mansion on Broad Street in Columbus Ohio.  I loved all the nice decorations from the flowers in the pool of the fountain to the lighting of the reception in the back of the Taylor Mansion. It was so nice to be a part of their special day. 


Tom and his groomsmen decided to go golfing in the morning so I decided to photograph 'his getting ready shots' 

Tom tees off on the 8th hole at the Little Turtle Country Club in Westerville, Ohio.

Raelene looks at her self in the mirror at the Changes Salon located at 2054 Polaris Parkway 43240.

Raelene gets the finishing touches to her makeup at the Hyatt downtown Columbus.

Super colorful flowers.  These flowers look the best in the fall. Nice and rich yellows and reds. Beautiful! 

Love this photo of her looking in the mirror.

The bridesmaids looking over the reception area.

Raelene smiles at Tom for the first time that day.

Colorful flowers float in the fountain. 

The Kiss


This kid can dance! He was almost airborne half the time.  

This guy can sing Meatloaf like no other.

You just had to be there.

The Taylor Mansion lit up at night with Tom and Raelene sharing the happiest day of their life.