I had a blast at King's Island Halloween Haunt

I got to hang out with Jenna, Matt and Lisa.  We all had a great time riding a handful of roller coasters and getting chased by chainsaws after dark. I like King's Island because it is close to Columbus.  I think I enjoyed Cedar Point last year a little more because they had more people in costume in the streets of the park.  Regardless it was a lot of fun at King's Island.
I also got to photograph an engagement session today and I will be posting them on Monday evening.  Here are some photos from King's Island I got from my iPhone. 

Jenna and I enter the park as a skeleton waves to us in the background.

Here is Matt, Lisa and I waiting in line for bumper cars.  Yes even at 27 I still enjoy bumper cars. 

This is me suck in traffic on 315 in Columbus. I should have taken I-71. 

- Jenna says I am such a dork for this comment.

1/3 the scale of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Kind of cool.

The spooky fog just rolled in on a coaster being built. 

This is the coaster to nowhere.  'Not to confused with that bridge in Alaska I keep hearing about'. 

ZOMBIES found? 

I love using my iPhone camera to do different tricks, pushing it to the limits. 

I got bitten or bored in line and turned in to a zombie.

This giant skull was chasing me out of the park. Just a little bit creepy.  ;)

Thanks for viewing.