Here are a few tips that will make your wedding day go a little smoother. 


1. Don’t have an aisle runner. 

The last thing you want to do is trip down the aisle. I have seen grandparents almost fall because it bunches up every time. It’s an accident waiting to happen. Have the flower girl drop silk rose petals if the ceremony site doesn’t allow real ones on the floor. 


2. Bring safety pins 

Just about every single wedding I cover someone needs a safety pin. Either the dress bustle or the grooms button on his jacket comes loose. 


3. Wrap a napkin or tissue around the stem of your bouquet

You don’t want to stuff a tissue in your dress and be embarrassed when you have to pull it out. Your bouquet is always in your hands or your bridesmaids hands so it is easy to get it if you do shed a tear. 


4. Have fun and don’t stress out

I hate to say it but almost every wedding one thing goes wrong or something small is missing. The most important thing about your wedding is to have fun, relax, don’t get worked up about anything. Ninety-nine precent of everything is fine and goes well so don’t worry about the little things. 


5. If you don’t hire a videographer get someone to film the day. 

When I got married in October of 2009 one thing I didn’t realize is how fast everything goes. It is a whirlwind! It is hard to remember every detail of the day. Get a cheap video camera to record the ceremony and the important events of the reception. Give the camera to a guest and let them have fun with it!


6. Make a list of things to do the day of.

This can be a short timeline for yourself or others. Making this list will let you sleep better the nights before the wedding. 


7. If you have vacation time use some of it before the wedding.

If you have to go to work and prepare for the wedding at the same time it gets very stressful very fast. Make sure you give enough time for yourself. 


8. Make sure the groomsmen have a list of things to bring. 

Almost every wedding I photograph one groomsmen forgets either black socks, white t-shirt, shoes or something else. 


9. Be sure to go to craft stores and visit the wedding aisle.

Even if you don’t buy anything you will get ideas for name cards, guestbook pens, custom invitations, thank you cards, and so much more. Michael’s and Party City are great places that have huge wedding sections.


10. Pre-light the unity candle if you have one.

Every other time I photograph a wedding that has this candle it is incredibly hard to light  it the first time. You don’t want to stand there for two entire minutes trying to get it lit. 


11. Wear a tank top or button down shirt when getting your hair done.

I have never seen it but I have heard that one bride had to cut off her favorite shirt so she didn’t mess up her hair. I couldn’t imagine. 


12. Personalize your wedding.

Make table names of places that you and your fiance have been together. I had old cameras on the head table and my wife Jenna had beautiful glass flamingos as a cake topper. We also had giant martini glasses with tiny lights as center pieces. It was amazing and everyone had a lot of fun. 


13. Eat something for lunch.

You don't want to be starving on your wedding day and be grouchy. Make sure you make time to eat something.


14. Make sure your wedding photographer has a degree in photography. 

You don’t want any person to do major surgery on you, right? Then don't trust any person that just picked up a camera photograph one of the most important days of your life. 


15. Be sure to visit my portfolio and blog to get ideas for your wedding