70% off sitting fees if you book your session this month. 

This is the most important element of the senior portrait, as this is where the images are created. You are not limited to one, so mix and match sessions as you please! All sessions will offer you a variety of expressions to show your personality. If you like, you may request more smiles or more pleasantly serious expressions, but remember that a mix of the two offers the best variety.


Traditional Session at Creekside in Gahanna - $200
Fun backgrounds with a waterfall, trees, with bust and waist poses. This is a classy, but modern look! This session is done in one outfit with 10 to 20 image selections.

Traditional Session at Studio in Gahanna - $200
Designed to stand the test of time, this session offers the most classic look. Simple, tasteful backgrounds with bust and waist poses. This is a classy, but modern look! This session is done in one outfit with 10 to 20 image selections.

Creative Deluxe Session - $300
This session includes all the traditional poses above, plus three quarter and full length poses outside and inside using a variety of backgrounds and props. You are photographed in a total of 4 outfits, which can include a musical instrument, personal prop, or athletic pose. (Don’t forget to bring your ball, helmet, or poms!) We do a balanced mix of inside and outside locations. This is our most popular session; you will get everything you need with 90 to 130 image selections.

Columbus Rooftop and alleys - $300 
This is one of our favorite places to shoot. The Creative Deluxe package offers outdoor photos all around a near by park.

This package takes us on location to Rooftop of the Renaissance Hotel. The pool and buildings in the background makes this location pop. This session offers 15-20 image selections.

Selection Process
After your shoot, within two weeks we will select the best images from your shoot and view them on a 100 inch projection screen, no waiting for a proof book. From there you can select your prints and add them to your package. 

All final images include blemish removal and touch up absolutely free! We won’t charge you per image for touch up like other studios. You only get the best.
What to wear
Do you have a favorite outfit? Bring clothes that make you feel confident and that you're comfortable with. The most important thing is that they are solid colors. Busy, bold patterns on clothing will distract from your face. Bring 4 outfits that vary in look; this will give you the most options during the selection process.

What to bring
You can bring props including (but not limited to): an instrument, football pads/helmet, athletic balls, poms, or a racquet. Bring items that represent you and your interests.

How long does it take?
A total of 3 hours are reserved for a session. Normally it takes around 2 hours for the Creative Deluxe session.

If you do not have an anti-glare coating on your lenses and you really want to have photos with your glasses on, you will need to take your glasses to your optometrist and have the lenses removed.

During the session
You can bring Mom, Dad, or a friend. They can help you get ready in the dressing room between shoots. 
Photo Info
All of our 8x10 and larger prints include deluxe lacquer finishes at no extracharge. Our 8x10 and larger prints are mounted, ready for framing. 5x7 and smaller prints are delivered in easel frames. All of our portraiture automatically includes FREE blemish retouching. If you do not want something retouched, let us know when you place your order.
Payment Policy
The session fee is due at the time you schedule your session.
50% of your balance is required to start the order in process.
The balance of the order in full, is required for final delivery.
We Accept Check, Cash, Credit or Debit