Look like you lost 10 pounds on your wedding day.

Easy tips on how to look like you lost weight on your wedding day

Everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day. You are going to be photographed around 800 times that day so you want to look good. Even if you didn't lose any weight I will help you just by turning the right way. Your photographer might mention these tips but some photographers don't at all. My goal is to put the bride in the best light possible. The following tips will make you look your best no matter what. 

  • Don't face the camera straight on, turn your body 45 degrees so you have your shoulder slightly forward.
  • Don't push your hip into the camera, put your weight on the back leg away from the camera.
  • Don't put your chin down, push your chin away from your body toward the camera.
  • Women don't put your arms flat to your body, put your hand on your hip to create separation.  
  • Men put your hand on a chair or in your packet to create separation from your body.
  • Women don't stand flat footed like a guy when you are facing each other, place your toe to the ground to create an S curve toward the camera. 
  • Have your head turned towards the light like a window or the flash (even when taking a selfie) 

When you follow these tips your photos will look dramatically better. When you hire Kellogg Photography I will explain all these tips in detail to your bridesmaids so they look their best before I take any photos. Email me if you have any other tips you can think of for this list.