The Vault Wedding with Todd and Peri

I was very excited this past weekend to photograph Todd and Peri’s wedding at the Vault. I have never been to the Vault before and couldn’t believe how great they decorated it. The trees and the logs of wood had a great winter theme to them. They gave the entire place a great feel. They lit everything almost entirely with candle light. It was very impressive. I started the day with Tom and him groomsmen getting ready and got a few portraits out of the way. As I was getting ready for the ceremony I noticed that the trees needed a little bit more light on them. I got my remote flashes and put them at the base of the trees. It made a world of difference. The ceremony went great with Damian with United Marriage Services officiating it. After the ceremony I played around with the lighting of the portraits outside and inside the vault door. You can see how well the portraits and the first dance came out below. Congratulations to Pari and Todd!