Gahanna, Ohio Headshot with Cathy

I had the pleasure of getting referred to Cathy from Deni in my BNI group. They both work with Juice Plus. They are both great people to work with. 

Cathy was great to work with. We first started at the studio with a few different backdrops. When we were at the studio we were talking about nutrition and healthy eating. I am a pescetarian (I don't eat meat but do eat fish). 

I got to hear Cathy's story on her nutrition. She mentioned that her and her son take Juice Plus. It was interesting to hear that her son does not crave sweets like he used to before taking Juice Plus. He is even acting better as a whole and eats more vegetables. I think I goes to show that eating whole foods helps everything in our bodies, even our brains. 

I really like meeting with people hearing their story, and connecting on things you have in common or similar interests. People like this are a pleasure to be around. 

After the studio shooting headshots inside we went to Creekside. Even though it was cold we got a few great shots. Creekside is great all year round because of the brickwork all around the area. 

We went to a coffee shop across from Creekside to pick out the best photo from the shoot. 

She had a hard time picking out the best one. I don’t mind going through all of the photos. This gives me instant feedback on what a client likes or wants. 

Most headshot shoots I take my time to get to know the client, photograph a few outfits, and try different posses. This puts my client at ease, relax, and enjoy the process. 

I had a great time with Cathy. She even gave me a shout out on Facebook to her friends. Thanks again Cathy!

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