Wedding vendors that I recommend

There are a few venues and people I really like working with in and around Columbus, Ohio. 

There are quite a few vendors that I have worked with that don’t meet my standards. I will never talk about other vendors behind their back. I have seen the good bad and the ugly in weddings. 

I would recommend you stick to this list and you will have a great wedding. You should call all of your wedding vendors and go over the timeline with all of them and the date. 

I have been to a wedding where the makeup artist and hair stylist mixed up the day for the wedding! Luckily I belong to several emergency wedding groups and we got a makeup artist and stylist with in an hour. 


You might not think that paying for a good DJ is important. It is very important if you want to avoid awkward silences, people leaving early, music so loud your ears ring on your honeymoon.

When you hire a bad DJ they play what the DJ wants to hear, they care less about requests, they are on the dance floor busting a move. They also bring a gigantic sign of their business name on it to hang in front of their DJ to say I’m desperate for more jobs. They also say their company name every moment they get. 

The best DJs read their audience very well, know what to play, don’t talk to much on the mic, and let the music do the talking. They are also very organized. They will not advertise at your wedding. They will also get every song on your list correct and pronounce everyone’s name correctly. 

Here are a few DJs that exceed my expectations: 

Rod Randall

Steve with Night Music DJ:

Matt Ryan DJ


Great florists are the best when they drop off the flowers early. The flowers can either represent the season you get married, complement the colors for the wedding, or match the groom’s pocket square. The bright contrast from a white wedding dress looks gorgeous in a wedding album. Make sure you dab the flowers on a paper towel for water before you put them beside your wedding dress. 

Here are a few florists that exceed my expectations: 

Prema Designs: 614-747-6224

Petals and Leaves 614-785-9690

Here is a Columbus Ohio wedding photographer that I recommend. Brian Kellogg with Kellogg Photography. ;)




Make a wedding timeline that is stress free

There are a so many things that affect the wedding timeline. The less time you have the more stress you will have on the wedding day. 

I have personally photographed over 200 weddings. You can check out my portfolio here at Columbus Ohio Wedding Photography. There are patterns that emerge that I have seen that can impact your timeline and make you late for the ceremony or reception where guests are waiting. 

Here are the things that take more time than you think. 

  • Hair and makeup

There are several things going on here. Sometimes it is simple as girls talking and interrupting the hair or makeup specialist. Sometimes it is having hair and makeup back to back. Other times it is only one or two hair and makeup people stylizing 12 bridesmaids. 

Solution would be starting one hour earlier than you think it will take.

  • Transportation 

You never know what traffic would be like on the day of the wedding. Take in to consideration there might be a college game letting out of a stadium. There could be accidents along the route. There might be loading times for the dress, flowers, or personal belongings after ceremony. 

Solution would be to add 20 minutes more than you think it will take to get to the next location in your timeline. 

  • Florists 

I can’t count how many times the flowers have arrived late for me taking photos. I need the boutonnieres on the groomsmen before I take formal photos of them. I also need bouquets dropped off before I take formal photos of the bridesmaids. 

Solution would be to call the florist a week before the wedding and make sure the flowers are dropped off when you are arriving at the ceremony site. 

  • Receiving line

This takes way more time than you think. You are going to have a mini 15-30 second conversation with every guest that came to the wedding.

If you have 150 guests. This can take 37 minutes to over an hour to accomplish.   


Visit every table as a couple right after you are done eating your dinner. The people that really want to talk to you will come to you. You don’t have to say much other than thank them for coming. 

  • Photography

Yes, it is true the photographer does get blamed for arriving later than expected for the reception. This is because a lake of communication with the photographers timeline. If you try to crunch 90 minutes of portraits in to 30 minutes it will not work out well and the pictures will suffer. You might not get the best photographer work that you hired them for in the first place. 


Make sure you get the 6 main shots after the ceremony. Big brides family, immediate family, just parents. Do the same for the groom side. This takes 20 minutes. Every combination with another group takes around 2 minutes extra to set up. 

Make sure the family does not leave before the portraits. Grandparents love to leave and forget to stay for portraits. 

Make sure you have 2-3 hours in between the ceremony and reception starting time so you can travel to a gorgeous location to take beautiful portraits. 

Brian Kellogg is a Columbus, Ohio Wedding photographer. Be sure to subscribe so you can receive helpful tips and tricks before you get married. 

What is a good turn around time for wedding photos?

turn around time for wedding photography

Clients always ask me "When can I see my photos?" 

I love how excited my clients get everyone whats to see the images right away. It takes me two weeks for myself to pick the best images, load it into a different program adjust the following: White balance, tint, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, white point, black point, clarity, vibrance, sharpening, lens correction, and vignetting. This goes into each image my client sees. 

If you are lucky enough to have me photograph your wedding you get to see 60 of the best images on your wedding day on a projection screen when I do a same day edit.


  • Two weeks after engagement sessions and other portraits
  • Same day edit for 60 of the best photos on the wedding day
  • Two weeks after the wedding you will see all of your images on my projection screen and online

There is a lot involved behind the scenes as a wedding photographer. I am lucky enough to do this full time and have a great turn around time to my photos. 

I am also starting to put the photos and slideshows on Facebook the evening of the wedding. I want to beat out all the cell phone photos that are being posted that evening. Everyones is excited to see the wedding and I wan you to look your best. I already post an iPhone app the next day but I feel like posting on Facebook so you can tag your self would be even better. Let me know in the comments below if you would like to see your wedding photos the evening of the wedding. 

I download all the photos on my laptop at the wedding so all the photos are backup just in case something happens to my camera. I could not imagine losing anyone's wedding images and I’m glad I have things in place to protect them. I invite you to view my Columbus, Ohio wedding photographer portfolio and get more ideas for your wedding. 

What should you ask your wedding photographer?

When you start planning your wedding you have to lock down the most important things first. You should put the deposit down for the venue, ceremony site, then the photographer, and DJ or band.

I made a list of the questions you should ask when meeting your potential wedding photographer.

  • What do you to further your education in photography? 
  • Do you regularly attend any photography conferences?
  • Do you have a degree in photography? 
  • How long have you been photographing weddings?
  • Have you been published anywhere?
  • Do you have lighting for the reception?
  • Will you help us with the wedding timeline?
  • In the contact does it state when we get to see the photos after the wedding? 
  • How do you backup the wedding photos? (one place should be online)
  • How long do you need for the creative bride and groom photos?
  • Have you shot destination weddings? 
  • Do you have a backup equipment?

What you should expect when you meet with Brian Kellogg

When you meet with me here is what you should expect. We will first get to know each other to make sure you are a good fit. We might talk about if you travel and your favorite cities to visit. Where family is coming from for your wedding. I might ask what you and your significant other like to do together. I always like this question because it tells me what you are into and I like to calibrate on a possible location for your engagement session. If you like the outdoors we would go to Hocking Hills, If you like video games I would suggest 16-bit arcade, If you love Chicago we would go to Chicago and hit some of your favorite spots.

After that we would talk about your wedding and what you have planned for the wedding day. I love to hear all the details. During this time I am thinking of all the weddings I have photographed and what worked well in the past. I might suggest uplighting with your wedding colors if the venue works well with it. I might have a few suggestions for your center pieces after hearing what you like to do together as a couple. If the couple loves writing I might suggest having an old typewriter to have guests type a short message to you. If you like golf, have golf balls as your seating cards. My goal is to help you make it an experience for your wedding guests and make your wedding unique to you with a little personalization.  

After we talk about your wedding day we look at the sample albums. If you are looking for something different you have come to the right place. I have an 8x20 inch flip up calendar style album and large 12x18 with impressed textured leather. I have traveled to Las Vegas and Nashville looking for the best album maker and the one I work with now is simply stunning. 

When you are finished with the albums I will go over my current packages. You will pick a free bridal magazine as free gift for coming in to meet with me. If we are a good fit I will let you know how to move forward and secure your wedding date. 


Look like you lost 10 pounds on your wedding day.

Easy tips on how to look like you lost weight on your wedding day

Everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day. You are going to be photographed around 800 times that day so you want to look good. Even if you didn't lose any weight I will help you just by turning the right way. Your photographer might mention these tips but some photographers don't at all. My goal is to put the bride in the best light possible. The following tips will make you look your best no matter what. 

  • Don't face the camera straight on, turn your body 45 degrees so you have your shoulder slightly forward.
  • Don't push your hip into the camera, put your weight on the back leg away from the camera.
  • Don't put your chin down, push your chin away from your body toward the camera.
  • Women don't put your arms flat to your body, put your hand on your hip to create separation.  
  • Men put your hand on a chair or in your packet to create separation from your body.
  • Women don't stand flat footed like a guy when you are facing each other, place your toe to the ground to create an S curve toward the camera. 
  • Have your head turned towards the light like a window or the flash (even when taking a selfie) 

When you follow these tips your photos will look dramatically better. When you hire Kellogg Photography I will explain all these tips in detail to your bridesmaids so they look their best before I take any photos. Email me if you have any other tips you can think of for this list. 

Nationwide Conference Center Wedding | Laura and Rory

Nationwide Conference Center Wedding

Hair dresser: Michael Garcia’s Salon - Bexley
Make up: Michael Garcia’s Salon - Bexley
Florist: Amy Music - Posy Florals
DJ / Band: DJ Dayna
Reception hall: Northpointe Ballroom
Catering: Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center
Cake designer: Hannah Marie’s Bakery

The Ohio Statehouse Wedding | Alina and Alex

Names of wedding vendors Alina and Alex worked with:

Hair dresser: Charles Penzone

Make up: Charles Penzone

Florist: Mary

Brides Dress designer: St Patrick

Bridesmaids dresses: Asos

Wedding consultant: Penny

Tux rental: The Mens Warehouse

DJ / Band: Buckeye Sound

Reception hall: The Westin

Catering: The Westin

Greek Orthodox Church Wedding | Alina and Alex

Names of wedding vendors Alina and Alex worked with:

Hair dresser: Charles Penzone

Make up: Charles Penzone

Florist: Mary

Brides Dress designer: St Patrick

Bridesmaids dresses: Asos

Wedding consultant: Penny

Tux rental: The Mens Warehouse

DJ / Band: Buckeye Sound

Reception hall: The Westin

Catering: The Westin

The Vue Columbus Wedding Venue | Caitlin and Christopher

Names of wedding vendors you are working with:

Hair dresser: Jessica Blair

Make up: Columbus Wedding Makeup

Florist: Posy

Brides Dress designer: Justin Alexander

Bridesmaids dresses: Alfred Angelo

DJ / Band: Arnett Howard

Reception hall: Vue

Catering: Metro

Cake designer: Golden Delight

The Grand Event Center Wedding | Caitlin and Christopher

Names of wedding vendors you are working with:

Hair dresser: Jessica Blair

Make up: Columbus Wedding Makeup

Florist: Posy

Brides Dress designer: Justin Alexander

Bridesmaids dresses: Alfred Angelo

DJ / Band: Arnett Howard

Reception hall: Vue

Catering: Metro

Cake designer: Golden Delight